Antonio Brown Reveals Upcoming Training With Floyd Mayweather for Boxing Match With Logan Paul

Wide receiver Antonio Brown and YouTube star Logan Paul have recently been going back and forth while discussing a potential boxing match. Both have made claims about winning, but there were doubts about the authenticity of this bout. However, Brown recently revealed that he is actually planning to train with Floyd Mayweather.

Speaking with Complex in a recent interview, Brown revealed that he is ready to make this bout with Paul happen. The YouTube star has reportedly been calling Brown out for months and saying that he wants to fight.

The date has not been set just yet, but the receiver is preparing as if he will be entering the ring. He even set up some training sessions with Mayweather.

"Yeah, I'm going to be out in Vegas," Brown said while adding a caveat. "If Logan confirms, if he's serious about it. I don't want him to be writing checks you can't cash, you know, you're coming after me for a couple of months. So I finally just hit him up like, 'Hey man, I've seen this too much.' He must really want to make this happen."

While Brown has been getting in the mindset to fight Paul, this decision was not made due to any ill will toward the YouTube star. He is actually a fan of Paul and previously spent time with him. Although he did notice that Paul has been "taking Ls all over."

"It seems like Logan is a boxer for real though and I'm a big fan of him," Brown continued. "He's a cool guy, man. Came to my house a couple years ago at the Super Bowl was all kind of love. But I'm excited about everything. He's promoting his craft and his brand, so it would be an honor if I could hook up with him. I think it would be pretty fun."

There is still time remaining for Paul and Brown to set up this fight and square up in the boxing ring. Whether or not it happens remains to be seen, but the former New England Patriots receiver will be ready after training with Mayweather down in Vegas. Although he has yet to fly down to Nevada and put on the practice gloves.


If this fight happens, there will be no shortage of outsiders weighing in and making their predictions for the match. Will Brown or Paul be viewed as the favorite?

Photo Credit: Michael Reaves/Getty