Antonio Brown Requests English Class Help, and the Replies Are Brutal

Antonio Brown is a student once again after re-enrolling at Central Michigan University, and is looking for some assistance to ensure he gets good grades. Specifically, the former New England Patriots receiver is hoping one of his fans is willing to be a proof-reader on his English paper.

Sunday morning, Brown sent out a plea on Twitter asking for some help. "My English paper do (sic) by tonight 12am need a prof reader make sure As and Bs #Eng303," Brown wrote.

As expected, the reactions to Brown's request were very mixed. There were certainly fans that offered their assistance in order to guarantee those good grades. The vocal majority, however, simply had fun at Brown's expense by pointing out the typos in his tweet.

"'My English paper is due by 12am tonight. I need a proof reader to make sure I get As and Bs' the writer in me is going crazy over this. How about we start with 1st grade English. You got time for college later," one person replied on Twitter.

This comment was only one of the thousands that pointed out the typos in Brown's original tweet while also discussing the ways in which his English class will proceed. One person joked about sending Rosetta Stone to Brown's professor, while many others simply said that this would be a very long semester.

Of course, there were many others that used the typo-filled tweet as an excuse to bring up some of the other headlines surrounding Brown in 2019. For example, one person said that they would be willing to serve as Brown's editor for the mere sum of $30 million. This is the amount of money that was guaranteed in his contract with the Raiders back in March, but Brown missed out due to missing practice sessions and for conduct detrimental to the team.

To truly cap off the wave of criticism, there were many that focused on the university and the professor in charge of Brown's class. Specifically, there were many that want an investigation launched into Central Michigan if Brown passes his English class.


"If he passes that class the school should be shut down," one man wrote. Another responded by saying that the professor may have gotten their degree from a Cracker Jack box.

As these interactions on social media proved on Sunday, Brown may want to keep some things off the internet. Having typos in a tweet isn't that serious of an issue, but those that dislike the veteran receiver were able to have a field day at his expense.