Mystery Individual Offers to Help Antonio Brown With 'Extortion Attempt'

The contract issues between Antonio Brown and the Oakland Raiders, as well as his potential [...]

The contract issues between Antonio Brown and the Oakland Raiders, as well as his potential release, may very well be the dominating storyline on Saturday morning, but they aren't the only drama that he is dealing with. The wide receiver is also facing claims of rape from a personal trainer, which he says are completely false. In fact, he says that they are just simple attempts at extortion, per private DMs that have surfaced on Twitter.

Saturday morning, a series of messages between Brown and an unnamed individual appeared on Twitter in which the mysterious figure says that she has audio from the trainer that would help Brown prove his innocence. During the long exchange, the Raiders wide receiver says that he will pay for this information in cash and asks for it to be emailed to him for his records.

However, the proof is allegedly locked up and safe at another location.

While this interaction could be on the "up and up," there are some factors that make it appear to be slightly shady. For example, Brown is shown asking for the identity of this mysterious lady during the conversation, but she will only say that her name is Janet. Additionally, he asks to video chat, but she declines due to being in a car with other people.

Finally, Janet also alludes to the Oakland Raiders having knowledge of these rape claims and wanting to leak the information to the world. According to the conversation, a security guard could be the source of potential rumors.

Whether or not this "Janet" is truly trying to help Brown is unknown at this point, but having a private conversation appear on Twitter isn't the best look considering that this happened mere hours after he released the Jon Gruden video on Twitter. Is Janet truly looking out for Brown's best interests, or is something simply messing with him while he is clearly in a sensitive place?

The answer will unlikely be provided in the coming days, barring more information leaking, but it should be mentioned that other NFL stars such as Drew Brees and Adrian Peterson have been tricked out of their hard-earned money in recent years. This could be an attempt to make Brown part with his cash as well.