Antonio Brown Gets Into Twitter Fight With Rams Safety Eric Weddle

Antonio Brown and Eric Weddle did not hold back when they were jawing at each other on Twitter [...]

Antonio Brown and Eric Weddle did not hold back when they were jawing at each other on Twitter this week. This all started when Brown announcing he wants to come back to the NFL. And one quote that stood out was "The game need me I'm like test answers." The Los Angeles Rams safety saw the Tweet and replied," Def don't," and that's when the battle began, per Fox News.

One fan told Weddle he couldn't guard Brown, he simply said, "Don't need to. Isn't on a team."

When Brown saw the reply, he fired back and said, "U need some attention lil man glad I put that stuff arm in your neck in Pittsburgh u deserved it Lil Weedle."

That did not bother Weddle at all as he replied, "Hahahahhaahaha. AB. When are u gonna learn that it isn't about you? Never was and never will be. Got a game to get ready for. Good luck my guy!" Brown then said, "Bro I don't even know you don't call me AB that's my NFL name dummy! I'm not on your team never been shut your mouth Jabroni."

Weddle replied "Good luck" as he was talking about Brown going back to school. But Brown wasn't done with Weddle, saying, "Keep you luck duck; listen to your team stay focus on your opponent, not AB! AB is the brand, not the individual! Clearly An AB fan! Even know about education oh realllyyy." Brown ended the battle with photos of him with the Steelers stiff-arming Weddle when he was with the Ravens.

If Brown does come back to the NFL, it's likely he will see if the team he's on is playing the Rams so he can go after Weddle. But it might be hard for Brown to get back on a team considering he's been cut by two teams this year and he's dealing with a sexual assault lawsuit as well as alleged sexual misconduct from a woman who painted a mural at his home.

The NFL is doing its investigation on Brown and it might take some time for the league to come to a ruling. That might not be a bad thing because Brown is not on an NFL team, so the league doesn't have to rush to a decision.