Antonio Brown Racks up Expensive Bill at Miami Club After Buccaneers Playoff Loss

Antonio Brown celebrated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' playoff loss in a big way. According to TMZ Sports, the former Buccaneers wide receiver watched the playoff game between the Los Angeles Rams and his former team. He was at the XXIII Club and spent around $15,000 worth of bottles while watching the Bucs get eliminated from the playoffs. 

Brown was seen wearing a huge fur coat and was reportedly the life of the party. The 33-year-old reportedly played his new song "Pit Not The Palace" for the crowd in attendance. While Brown was partying in Miami, he also trolled the Bucs on Twitter. After the team lost, Brown posted a photo of himself leaving during his infamous shirtless exit of the Bucs' game against the Jets. The photo shows him holding a sign that says "Bucs eliminated."

That was Brown's last game in Tampa Bay after spending nearly two seasons with the club. He left while the game was going on after having an argument with head coach Bruce Arians about not playing because of an ankle injury. Brown said Arians knew that he was dealing with an injury but wanted him to play regardless. He also claims that the team covered up and force him into playing while injured. 

"Because of my commitment to the game, I relented to pressure directly from my coach [Bruce Arians] to play injured," Brown said in a lengthy statement. "Despite the pain, I suited up, the staff injected me with what I know was a powerful and sometimes dangerous painkiller that the NFLPA has warned against using, and I gave it all for my team."  


Arians gave his side of the story when speaking to reporters earlier this month. "At no point in time during that game did he ever ask the trainer or a doctor about his ankle," Arians told reporters, per Sports Illustrated. "That's the normal protocol – you go through protocols during games. I was never notified of it. So, obviously, that was the disturbing thing when we were looking for him to go back into the game. He was very upset at halftime about who was getting targeted. We got that calmed down, the players took care of that. It started again on the sideline. We called for the personnel group that he had played in the entire game, and he refused to go into the game."