Antonio Brown Fires off Troubling Tweet About Beating His Child With a Belt

Antonio Brown continues to make things interesting on social media. On Wednesday, Brown went to Twitter and shared a tweet that got everyone talking. Instead of talking about the NFL, his new album or his past relationships, the former New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers receiver discussed beating his child with a belt.

"If I beat my kid with a belt it better be a with loui belt!" Brown wrote. "I got beat with some cheap belts cheap [shake my head] cheap scapes."

To no surprise, Brown received a ton of backlash in his comments section.

"Translation: If I beat my kid I’m going to beat him with some expensive belts, I used to get beat with cheap ones. My parents were so cheap," one critic wrote.

"His career was over after he left New England he’s just making it definite you know got a burn all the bridges," another fan added. "There’s no way anybody would take him even with all his talent Never thought I would see one wide receiver worse than Terrell Owens even though he gets a bad rap."

"Someone take this mans phone [laughing out loud] matter of fact go back in time and take it before the season him a ton of trouble," another person wrote.

"I don’t know how you make every one of your tweets worse than the last but I’m impressed," another Twitter user wrote.

Brown hasn't played in an NFL game since September when he was a member of the Patriots. However, he continues to keep himself in the spotlight based on what he writes on social media. This comes on the heels of Brown sharing information about his ex-girlfriend, Chelsie Kyriss, as he accused her of infidelity. The couple have been on and off for a while and they have three children together.


Brown is not expected to return to the NFL this season, but it's likely he will sign with a team in 2020. Brown only played in one game in 2019 and caught four passes for 56 yards and one touchdown. USA Today recently named Brown to the 2010 All-Decade Team because of the impact he made when he was on the Steelers from 2010-2018.

"With deft double moves, he's the only wideout named first-team All-Pro four times during the decade," Jarrett Bell of USA Today wrote. "It’s a shame that assorted drama prevented a talented player from a repeat honor.