Antonio Brown Films Altercation With Police at His Home Amid Chelsie Kyriss Blowup

Free-agent wide receiver Antonio Brown is dealing with recent relationship drama amid a split with girlfriend Chelsie Kyriss. This would generally be a fairly private incident, but Brown has been documenting the entire situation on social media. He also posted an altercation with police at his home in Miami.

Brown went live on Instagram recently, which was nothing new for the wide receiver. However, this latest moment caught many by surprise due to him recording police officers at his house. It appeared from the video that they were on hand to gather his children's clothing for ex Chelsie Kyriss. Although the majority of the live stream was Brown arguing about them coming up to his house two days in a row.

Brown also asked about his Bentley SUV, which was being driven by Kyriss. He said that it was his car, so why was she driving it? The full NSFW exchange is available below, but it does contain very strong language from the former New England Patriots receiver.

"Hey, listen," Brown said during his live video. "You white police got to stop doing that. You can't be letting these people come in on my privacy. She ain't supposed to be here. F—ing police don't help nobody, man."

"This isn't even funny. Man needs help. Real bad ish gonna happen soon," one football fan wrote on Twitter after the video of Brown's interaction with the police surfaced. There were plenty that expressed significant concern about his mental health, saying that the receiver needs to get some help in the very near future.

Even on the live broadcast, the stream of comments pouring in showed that the majority of viewers wanted Brown to keep his private life private and stop posting about these situations on social media. "Get off live" was a very common response to Brown's video. Although many others were simply concerned about Brown's well-being.

"Man I hate someone so talented has gone off the deep end so much," one Twitter user wrote. "Its easy to talk crap about him online but there is something wrong with him mentally whether from CTE or otherwise he needs help with. I hope he gets that help before he does something he really regrets."


At this point, Brown still has hopes of returning to the NFL, but there are many on social media that believe this comeback won't be happening. They have concerns about these videos having a negative effect on any possible opportunity.

(Photo Credit: Getty Images for Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest / EA SPORTS BOWL)