Antonio Brown Fans Are Still Sounding off About His Situation After Word Surfaces That Investigation Still Isn't Over

Wednesday morning, Antonio Brown sent out a tweet saying "innocent until proven guilty it's been 3 months!" to express his frustration about a lack of employment. This led many to question the authenticity of the league's investigation of Brown. Hours later, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell revealed that there is still more work to be done in this case, which only angered Brown's fans.

Speaking with reporters at the December League Meetings in Texas, Goodell said that investigators are still following up with Brown. He was not part of the eight-hour meeting with the receiver in mid-November. Goodell said that he is still waiting for the report.

"LOL that’s why AB was going crazy today," one user on Twitter wrote in response to this update about Brown's situation. Another simply said that the NFL is a "clown show."

"Translation: 'I’m gonna go ahead and be a gangster - pretty much like always - and dictate what happens here. AB will play again - if and when I want him to,'" another football fan said. Goodell has received considerable criticism for his disciplinary decisions in the past, specifically those involving the New England Patriots. In the eyes of many, he is just ensuring that Brown doesn't play again.

The league has been investigating allegations of sexual assault against Brown by a former personal trainer, Britney Taylor. It was revealed in mid-September that Taylor was suing Brown and claiming that he had sexually assaulted and raped her on three different occasions. Brown has denied these allegations multiple times.

Taylor met with the NFL investigators on Sept. 16, which set the stage for Brown to sit down and present his side of the alleged incidents. However, his meeting did not take place until November. Brown has been unemployed this entire time after being released by the Patriots following Week 2.

The free-agent receiver has made it very clear on Instagram that he wants to play in the NFL again, especially for the Patriots. He even went on Instagram Live on Tuesday and repeated "free the GOAT" for over one minute. Although he did later state an opposing viewpoint on Wednesday morning.

Brown started the day by tweeting out a photo in which he accused the league of putting out a "hit" on him, which was carried out by ESPN, Sports Illustrated and the NFL Network. He also said that the NFLPA and his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, let his happen.


Brown and his fans may want a resolution in this case in the near future, but that likely will not be happening. Based on comments from Goodell, it's possible that he remains sidelined until the end of the year.

(Photo Credit: Michael Reaves/Getty)