Antonio Brown Calls for Repo Drivers to Track Down Bentley Driven by Ex-Girlfriend Chelsie Kyriss

Over the weekend, Antonio Brown asked Hollywood police why his ex-girlfriend was driving around in a Bentley Bentayga that he said belonged to him. They are no longer a couple, and he wants that SUV back in his garage. The authorities did not provide the outcome that Brown was looking for, so he is now asking the public to go and "bring him his Bentley."

"Tow trucks Repo People someone anyone bring me my Bentley." Brown wrote on Twitter. "it's at this address," Brown wrote on Twitter, then typing out an address in Coral Springs, Florida. "police will not assist me !!!!"

Monday afternoon, Brown posted a series of tweets about the Bentley and the fact that Chelsie Kyriss is driving around in it. The former New England Patriots receiver said that he had tried to report the car as stolen.

Brown said that the Hollywood Police "would not" report the car as stolen, and he provided the location for those on Twitter to go and find the vehicle. Although this tweet was later deleted due to it violating Twitter rules.

"I own a towing company in Coral Springs I'll go get your Bentley," one fan responded to Brown on Twitter.

Others simply responded by saying that he shouldn't have given Kyriss the Bentley in the first place. That would have removed the need for a repo man.

While Brown did say that the police would not report the car as stolen, there could be another factor in play. On June 23, 2018, Kyriss posted a photo on her Instagram profile that showed the Bentley in question sitting in the driveway. On the hood was a red bow, which indicated that the vehicle was a gift. If so, the Bentley could be registered in her name instead of his. Although that information is not readily available.

Of course, that brings about the bigger question of determining who purchased the gift and who was the recipient. Was the car part of a birthday celebration? Brown was born on July 10 while Kyriss' birthday is in the fall. Per the receiver's Instagram account, they celebrated her 30th birthday on Sept. 1, 2019.


Regardless of who has the true ownership rights for this vehicle, there were many on social media that couldn't believe that Brown was far more focused on getting his Bentley back than he was on seeing his kids. They voiced their frustrations with Brown while saying that he needed to get some priorities straight.

(Photo Credit: David Santiago/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty)