Antonio Brown Bails on Interview to Get Dinner, Infuriating SiriusXM Staffers

Antonio Brown is not in good standing with SiriusXM right now. According to Page Six, Brown made the SiriusXM staff very angry after issuing a list of demands before going on air for an interview. However, Brown never showed up to the interview as he reportedly got dinner instead. Sources told Page Six that Brown would not go on any of the sports shows, but he agreed to go on a hip-hop show to discuss his "rap career."

"They made a huge deal over it," a source from Brown's camp said.

SiriusXM staff members waited for Brown to show up as he was scheduled to be there at 5:30 p.m. They got the hint that Brown wasn't showing up when he posted an Instagram photo of him getting dinner at Tao Downtown.

"Sometimes bookings fall through," a SiriusXM rep said to Page Six. "It happens. We don't see the drama."

Brown might have to apologize to SiriusXM since he's been doing a lot of that recently. The former New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver recently apologized to Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger for his actions.

"Mostly you a little bit of me! Yee yee !!" Brown wrote in an Instagram post. "I never realized how good I had it, got caught up in my emotion with everyone coming after me I really apologize for my actions sincerely man ! It's never been another connection like what we done in the past decade. I appreciate you. Sincerely AB."

Earlier this month, Brown said that he's not mad at Roethlisberger and said that he loves him.

"I just think too much stuff built up, it was too late," Brown added. "Do I hate Ben? No. Do I love Ben? Yes. Ben's a great guy, great person, great QB. All the disappointment and frustration we had could have been hashed out. But we let ego and emotions get involved."

Along with apologizing to Roethlisberger, Brown sent an apology to his ex Chelsie Kyriss amid the recent turmoil between the two.

"First and foremost, I will love to Thanks the most high 'God' for allowing the 'God' thats in me to really look deep into myself, Mainly because greater the spirit thats in us,than the spirit thats Of the world." Brown wrote on Instagram.


"And me being a 'God' fearing man first, Truly understand That I owe my wonderful Kids and the mother [Chelsie] of my wonderful kids, The world Biggest Apology, for my Public out breaks through social media, and for the hurt that I may have took them through while on my Emotional roller Coaster that we all are faced with in Life. #TheGreaterMe"