Antonio Brown Attends Rescheduled Deposition at Florida Courthouse

After calling out the media and Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger on Twitter, Antonio Brown was back at court for a deposition. On Thursday, Brown was at a courthouse in Maimi-Dade County, Florida for a deposition that was rescheduled due to him being "noncompliant and flagrantly disorderly" at a previous one according to Local 10 News.

"Antonio Brown was extremely noncompliant and flagrantly disorderly, to the point that he frustrated the totality of the proceeding," the lawyer said to TMZ back in October. It was also reported that Brown's deposition was filled with "tumultuous tirades, defiant rants, use of profane language and refusal to comport himself in a civilized and grown-up manner."

"Once the deposition started, almost immediately, [Brown] was belligerent and pugnacious, refusing to answer the most routine of questions," the lawyer added.

Brown was in court because allegedly destroying a condo in Florida back in 2018. Brown leased the $35,000 apartment during the offseason and the owner accused him of leaving the place in shambles. A video was released of Brown allegedly throwing items from the apartment into a pool. The items that were thrown from the apartment nearly hit innocent by standards including a young boy.

"The apartment was in shambles," George Minski, the lawyer representing the condo's owner said. "Mirrors were smashed, tables were destroyed, there were holes and damages to the walls. Countertops were lifted off the deck.

"The unit is furnished with leather couches and love seats, and there were burn holes and black magic markers. It looked like they had rumbled. We tried to resolve it amicably and it got nowhere so we filed a lawsuit."

Brown claimed the apartment didn't provide the security he needed which led to him being robbed. The former New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver claimed that $80,000 in cash and a gun were stolen.


This is one of the many things Brown has been dealing with this year. Along with sounding off on social media, Brown is being sued by Britney Taylor for sexual assault which led to him countersuing her for defamation. Since January, Brown has been with three different NFL teams as he was traded by the Steelers in March, cut by the Raiders in September and cut by the Patriots after Week 2 of the season.