Police Say Antonio Brown's Accuser Britney Taylor Did Not File Report

Police in Miami and in Pittsburgh have said the woman who is accusing New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown of sexual assault never filed a report. TMZ recently spoke to officers in both cities and they said they have no records of Britney Taylor filing a complaint against Brown. On Tuesday evening, Taylor filed a lawsuit against Brown as she claims she was assaulted by Brown on three separate occasions.

"The Special Victims Bureau does not have any records of a sexual assault reported by the alleged victim, nor any reports where Antonio Brown is subject," The Miami-Dade Police Department said to TMZ.

When it comes to Pittsburgh, the Department of Public Safety in the city told TMZ there are "no active investigations into" and they have no record of a complaint.

As soon as the news broke about the lawsuit, Brown released a statement through his attorneys saying he allegations are false.

Mr. Brown denies each and every allegation in the lawsuit. He will pursue all legal remedies to not only clear his name, but to also protect other professional athletes against false accusations. Mr. Brown was approached by his accuser in 2017, shortly after Mr. Brown signed a contract making him the highest-paid wide receiver in the NFL.

At that time, Mr. Brown was asked to invest $1.6 million dollars in the accuser’s business project.Mr. Brown was not informed by his accuser that she had just been levied with a $30,000 IRS tax lien or that $300,000 of the $1.6 million so-called “investment” was to be used to purchase property already owned by the accuser and her mother.

When Mr. Brown refused to make the $1.6 million 'investment,' the accuser supposedly cut off communications with Mr. Brown. However, in 2018, the accuser resurfaced and offered to travel to Pennsylvania and South Florida to train Mr. Brown for the upcoming season.

Thereafter, the accuser engaged Mr. Brown in a consensual personal relationship. Any sexual interaction with Mr. Brown was entirely consensual.


Taylor and Brown met while attending Central Michigan University. She was once a trainer for the All-Pro receiver and she's looking for compensation related to the abuse.

As for Brown's future in the NFL? Because this is a civil case and not a criminal case, it's likely he will play on Sunday when the Patriots take on the Miami Dolphins.