'All or Nothing' Season 5: Eagles Selected for Amazon Docuseries

Tuesday afternoon, it was revealed that an in-depth look into the Philadelphia Eagles would be [...]

Tuesday afternoon, it was revealed that an in-depth look into the Philadelphia Eagles would be provided courtesy of Amazon Prime and NFL Films. The docuseries All or Nothing, which airs during the spring or summer will be the source. Coming off a successful year that followed Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers, there was a hope that another top team would be featured, and now the answer has been revealed.

Every season, Amazon provides a backstage pass to a specific NFL facility for an entire season of the show, All or Nothing. This series shows the inner workings of one specific team as they try to fight through early-season struggles and ultimately make the playoffs. The Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Rams, Arizona Cardinals and Carolina Panthers have all been featured, and they will be joined by Doug Pederson's team.

All or Nothing has also followed English Premier League soccer teams, including Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur. The New Zealand All Blacks rugby team also appeared in one season.

Long-viewed as the younger sibling of HBO's Hard Knocks, All or Nothing also airs the unedited conversations between players and coaches. Although this docuseries is not simply limited to training camp.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Eagles did not want to participate in the Hard Knocks-style show, but they weren't exactly given a choice in the matter. The league needed a franchise to be the focus, and they selected Philadelphia.

"There has to be somebody on the show,'' Eagles president Don Smolenski said, per The Inquirer. "And if there are no volunteers. Then the league makes a selection.

"There's a certain criteria – I don't remember all of the criteria – for those teams that cannot be chosen. And if you don't fit that criteria, your name goes into a bucket with a group of other teams, and the league picks from the bucket.''

For the Eagles, this means that some controversial moments from the season will likely be featured during the eight-episode run. Cornerback Orlando Scandrick was cut by the team, and he responded by going on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed to voice his negative feelings about his former teammates and coaches. Additionally, defensive tackle Fletcher Cox chased away an attempted burglar with the shotgun. It was later revealed the individual in question was the ex-boyfriend of a woman staying at Cox's house.

Between these off-the-field incidents and back-to-back losses to the Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys, NFL Films and Amazon will have no shortage of content. They might even touch on the oft-discussed relationship between quarterback Carson Wentz and his teammates.

Regardless of what is included in the series, the Eagles realize that there is nothing they can do beyond accepting their situation and trying to find success on the field.

"The good news is all of that has already aired,'' Smolenski said. "There's no secret there. All 11 minutes [of the Orlando Scandrick interview] was all over the place. You can't control what happens. It's an NFL Films and Amazon production. What they do with it, we'll see.''

(Photo Credit: Gregory Fisher/Icon Sportswire/Getty)