Alex Morgan Weighs in on Olympics Postponement

Soccer star Alex Morgan is currently expecting her first child with husband Servando Carrasco, but she previously had plans of giving birth in April and then being ready for the 2020 Tokyo Games in July. The Olympics have since been postponed until 2021. This means that Morgan is no longer under a time crunch.

Speaking with Glamour in February, Morgan revealed that she had plans of competing in the upcoming Olympics. She was 32 weeks pregnant at the time but was confident that she would be back in competition shape before July. This is no longer a concern considering that the games will not be taking place when expected. After much consideration, Morgan feels that the International Olympic Committee made the right decision.

"Overall, it's just the right decision," Morgan said to Glamour. "I tried to look at it more from a team perspective, but I couldn't help but think of myself with all of the stress that's going on from the coronavirus on top of trying to get back in shape in such a short amount of time."

The International Olympic Committee had asked athletes to weigh in on the potential postponement prior to making the major decision. Morgan weighed all of the factors prior to voting, but she ultimately opted to support the Olympics being postponed. "That's the best decision to level the playing field for all athletes in all events," she said of the decision.

Having the Olympics postponed means that Morgan can now reassess the situation and make plans for her eventual return as part of United States Soccer. She is no longer under considerable pressure to be games-ready three months after giving birth to her daughter. She can better prepare for potentially securing the second Olympic gold medal of her career. The first was obtained during the 2012 Summer Games victory over Japan.

"There are a hundred things that have been going through my mind," Morgan told Glamour. "Now I have more time to deal, and I'll have more time with my daughter without the endless questions. I can figure it out with a little more calm and a little more clarity. I have to look to the positives."

Morgan was a critical part of the USWNT during their Wold Cup-winning campaign in France. She scored six goals during the championship. This included five during a 13-0 victory over Thailand. For this effort, Morgan was awarded the Silver Boot award.


This victory in 2019 was the second consecutive World Cup crown that Morgan helped the United States women's national team win, with the first taking place in 2015. Back in 2011, Morgan was the youngest member of the USWWNT and helped her team reach the World Cup Finals.

Photo Credit: Claudio Villa/Getty Images