AEW's Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford Engaged, Watch the Proposal

All Elite Wrestling stars Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford recently got engaged amid the COVID-19 outbreak. They have been remaining in self-quarantine together but spent some time near the water for a "family photo." However, Sabian had bigger plans. He was going to pop the question.

Sabian tricked Ford by telling her he wanted to take a photo in front of the water. He supposedly set up the camera on a timer but actually began recording video. The professional wrestler then proposed during an emotional moment. After they exchanged kisses, he ran back to the camera to confirm that Ford had said yes.

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"All 'Characters' and Gimmicks aside. I woke up knowing what today was. Not only is it our anniversary, but it was the day that I was going to ask @the_penelopeford to marry me [and] she had no idea," Sabian wrote in the caption of his Instagram post. "After tricking her into a 'family photo for my parents' on a timer (actually a video) we went to our favorite place to 'take it'. Bringing Oscar for the ride. .She said yes!!!!"

Ford also posted video from the proposal, as well as a close-up shot of the engagement ring. She wrote that she was initially confused about Sabian getting down on one knee, but that quickly changed to excitement. She now gets to marry her best friend in the world.

"WE'RE ENGAGED. I was so confused why he was on his knee when we were taking a picture for his parents to frame," Ford wrote. "This has been the happiest moment in my life and we had our puppy there with us. I'm still so shocked! Happy anniversary to MY FIANCÉ! Here's to so many more. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!"


Sabian signed with All Elite Wrestling 2019, he confirming the news on Twitter. The original announcement was made by Cody Rhodes during Episode 4 of The Road to Double Or Nothing. He departed the British Wrestling Revolution in order to take part in the Over the Budget Battle Royale. Ford, on the other hand, joined AEW one month earlier than Sabian. She signed in January 2019 and became a core part of the organization's women's roster. She has taken part in 11 matches as part of the AEW, winning only four of them.