Addison Rae Receives Skateboarding Lesson From Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk is a legendary figure in the skateboarding world, and he just provided lessons to someone with a staggering number of fans on TikTok. He met up with Addison Rae at The Berrics skatepark in Los Angeles. She said that she is just getting into the sport, and Hawk immediately provided some key information.

As the video showed, Rae was very new to the skateboard world. She admitted to working on certain tricks, such as a pop shove-it, but also said that she primarily did so while remaining stationary. She then proclaimed that she would fall while trying to ride up onto a ramp and changing directions. Hawk expressed confidence in her abilities, but she did ultimately fall.

The age gap was noticeable in the video when Hawk started explaining his early years of skateboarding. He said that the ollie had not been invented when he started. This trick was invented later in his career. He also showed off some differences between old kickflips and the modern version.

As someone with 68 million followers on TikTok, Rae showed off her new pursuit to a massive group of people. Millions likely knew about Hawk, but she may have also introduced more to the legendary skateboarder while filming her training video. Hawk explained that he appreciated the work she was doing.

"I think it's really cool that you're introducing skateboarding to a new generation of especially girls," Hawk said. "Because it is the great equalizer and it's all-inclusive and I feel like if kids can just see how fun it is and what it can do for them, they'll want to do it. And, I feel like you're really promoting that well. It's really cool."


Of course, Rae is not the only person Hawk recently provided tips to. He also appeared on the Season 4 premiere of Kevin Hart's Cold As Balls interview show. He got in the cold tub and answered questions about his career. He also watched "in awe" as Hart attempted to show off his skills.

The longtime comedian stepped barefoot onto an old-school skateboard and then rolled forward on the Cold As Balls bubble's turf. The skateboard did not roll particularly well, so Hart picked it up and tossed it forward. "That's called a caveman," Hawk said while watching. Hart continued making motions while the skateboarder asked if the moves were part of "an interpretative dance."