NFL Insider Reveals When Aaron Rodgers Will Return to Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers will report to training camp next week, but will Aaron Rodgers be there? Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk recently appeared on KFAN in Minneapolis and revealed when Aaron Rodgers will return to the Packers. He also revealed why Rodgers has been quiet about his next move.

"I have believed all along that Rogers is going to show up," Florio said as reported by Zone Coverage. "I think he wants to keep it uncertain through July 26, the day of the shareholders meeting, so Mark Murphy has to deal with all the crap of the shareholders/fans/cheeseheads who are antsy and upset about all the uncertainty. And then the next day we find out that Aaron Rodgers shows up. I didn't buy the thing this past weekend when he said 'I'll figure it out in a couple weeks.' Well in a couple of weeks camp opens you better figure it out before a couple of weeks."

Florio also talked about the role Packers president Mark Murphy plays in the situation. "I think Mark Murphy would rather he not show up," Florio said. "Then he becomes the villain They go forward with Jordan Love and they make 30 million net." It's unlikely that happens, but Murphy had said some interesting things about Rodgers this offseason. In April, it was reported by Adam Schefter of ESPN, that Rodgers told people in the Packers organization that he is not returning to the team. In June, Murphy revealed his thoughts on Rodgers.

"I'm often reminded though of Ted Thompson, as most of you know, just a great general manager, passed away this past year, or excuse me earlier this year. [He] often talked about Aaron, that he's a... and it wasn't just Aaron, a lot of different players. He would say 'He's a complicated fella.' So, I'll just say that," Murphy said at an event at Lambeau Field.


Last week, Murphy was asked about an update on Rodgers while talking about the team's fiscal financial year. "I appreciate the question," Murphy said. "This is really limited to questions regarding financial statements. I would just say there's nothing new to update on the issue that you raised." The Packers will report to camp on July 27th and start practicing the following day.