Aaron Rodgers: Packers Give Health Update on Star QB Following COVID-19 Diagnosis

Aaron Rodgers has been in the spotlight for the last couple of weeks due to his COVID-19 diagnosis and being unvaccinated. And after missing last Sunday's game against the Kansas City Chiefs, will the Green Bay Packers quarterback be back with the team for this Sunday's game against the Seattle Seahawks? Packers head coach Matt LaFleur told reporters on Friday they expect to have Rodgers back as the starting QB this weekend. 

"Had a lot of conversations with Aaron in that regard as to what he needs to be ready to go," LaFleur said, per ESPN. "It wouldn't be the first time in his career that he hadn't practiced an entire week and gone on and played a game. So as long as he's confident with what we're doing with him, then we'll see where he's at tomorrow."  

The earliest Rodgers can return to the Packers is on Saturday since he's unvaccinated. He's spent the entered week with the team virtually but couldn't practice. If Rodgers it's cleared to play on Sunday, Jordan Love will be the starter for the second consecutive week. 

"I think it's been a normal week for me, pretty similar to last week getting all the reps," Love said Friday. "Just getting the game plan in, preparing like I'm going to be playing and then obviously the plan is for Aaron to be back Saturday so he'll be going. But for me, it's the same. Still playing the whole week and then we'll be ready for whatever happens."  


Rodgers took some heat for his comments on The Pat McAfee Show last Friday. Instead of getting the COVID-19 vaccine, he received alternate treatment, leading to him telling reporters he's "immunized" back in August. "The vaccines do offer some protection for sure but there is a lot we don't know about them," Rodgers said, per CNN. "There is a lot to natural immunity. ... If you have gotten Covid and recovered from it, that's the best boost to immunity you can have." Earlier this week, Rodgers admitted to misleading people about his treatment for fighting COVID-19. Regardless, Packers fans want to see him back in action as the team has a 7-2 record and looking to make a run at the Super Bowl.