Packers Legend Makes Bold Prediction on Aaron Rodgers' Career

Aaron Rodgers signed a reworked contract with the Green Bay Packers, which means he only has two years left before he becomes a free agent. But will he stay with the Packers until then? Packers legendary safety LeRoy Butler recently spoke to TMZ and revealed when Rodgers will leave the Packers.

"After '22," Butler said. I think [Rodgers] will be gone to wherever he wants to go and they'll be glad to get rid of him at that point." The reason it's a bold prediction is many believe that Rodgers will be gone after the 2021 season. In fact, when the Packers quarterback spoke to reporters this week, he was close to not playing this year.

"As I felt like, if you can't commit to me past 2021, and I'm not a part of recruiting process in free agency… If I'm not a part of the future, then instead of letting me be a lame the quarterback, if you want to make a change and move forward, then go ahead and do it. That obviously didn't happen," Rodgers said. "Like I said, it wasn't a draft day thing. There were conversations for a number of months leading up to that.

"Post the draft, I think what basically happened was then they said we'll give you some money now, 'Let's see if we can throw some money at you.' I said from the start it wasn't about the money. Obviously, I didn't show up for the off-season program or Minicamp. To me, it was bigger than this. It was about trying to be a resource for the organization that I care about and love so much."

As Rodgers mentioned, he never reported to any of the offseason workouts. The Packers were able to get him to training camp, and it looks like he will be the starting QB for the entire year. However, Rodgers did think about retiring from the NFL based on a number of different factors.


"Yeah, it was definitely something I thought about. I talked about how important being a full-timer was for a long time," Rodgers said. "This was the first time to spend the off-season away without a COVID year or a lockout year, and I enjoyed it. I really did. I took the time working on myself and trying to better myself in a number of areas where I feel like I could improve based on my own patterns and conditioning."