Aaron Rodgers Announces Reddit AMA, Former Teammate Trolls Him

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is a man that routinely shies away from the public light. That is now changing, however, as the two-time All-Pro will be answering fan questions during a Reddit AMA. He will be spending part of Monday evening responding to those that will likely be asking about Danica Patrick, Game of Thrones, and all manner of topics.

Rodgers will need to tread lightly during this discussion. A former teammate of his revealed on Monday that he has some questions for the quarterback. Specifically, what will the Packers be planning for the upcoming game against the Chicago Bears?

When Rodgers revealed the Reddit AMA on Instagram, safety HaHa Clinton-Dix, who spent five seasons with the Packers, responded. His question was "what are the first 15 plays for Sunday's game?"

The "First 15" is a term used to describe a set of scripted plays that head coaches use to get their respective teams off to a fast start each week. This mix of runs and passes is viewed as the best possible approach for the offense based upon the week of film study. If Clinton-Dix could gain access to that script, he would give the Chicago Bears a sizable advantage in the NFC North battle.

Rodgers didn't respond to his former teammate to provide the much-needed answer, but many fans jumped into the comments to weigh in. The prevailing opinion is that the Packers quarterback would be targeting Clinton-Dix multiple times during a long march to the end zone to build a 7-0 lead.

Sitting at 7-6, Clinton-Dix will hope that his strategy pays off on Monday evening. The Bears have hopes of reaching the playoffs, but they will need to defeat the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings in order to do so. He has already faced off with his former team once, a season-opening loss, so the Packers already have a head-to-head tiebreaker over the Bears.

That being said, Rodgers won't be divulging any secrets about the Packers offense or his strategy for Sunday. Instead, he will likely be discussing his hobbies, spending time with Patrick, and whether or not he was actually the character getting murdered by a dragon during Game of Thrones. Football discussions may be less of a priority for the seven-time Pro Bowler.


(Photo Credit: Quinn Harris/Getty)