2 Dead After Kansas City Nightclub's Chiefs Celebration Ends in Tragedy

A celebration of the Kansas City Chiefs' win against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday night has turned tragic. A shooting outside the 9ine Ultra Lounge left two patrons dead and several more injured. Police documented the unfortunate events in a series of tweets, where they also revealed they believe that the dead man was also the shooter.

"It just puts such a tragic end to such a wonderful day in Kansas City," Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Bakers told Fox4KC. "It is hard to stand here, beyond the cold, and talk about this kind of tragedy in really one of the best days Kansas City has had in a long time."

The incident is believed to have started when the alleged shooter tried to enter the club but was denied. After he opened fire, it's believed a security guard fired back. It's unknown if the dead female had any relation to the shooter. 15 people were sent to the hospital for injuries, three of them are reported to be in critical condition.

The Hill had noted that the 9ine Ultra Lounge had been advertising "Sold Out Sundays" leading up to The Chief's win on Sunday that secured its AFC Championship.


Prior to yesterday's game, which pit the Chiefs against the Titans, a 4.5-magnitude earthquake was felt near Hutchinson, Kansas. While that's roughly 200 miles from Arrowhead Stadium, dedicated Chiefs fans were happy to take credit for the natural phenomenon.

The game, which will send The Chiefs to face off against the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LIV in Miami next month, did have a few famous fans celebrating. Among them, Paul Rudd was there and even stormed the field after their victory, which was documented on the team's Twitter account. Brad Pitt may have been making all sorts of headlines about his reunion with ex-wife Jennifer Aniston at the SAG Awards, but he still rocked his Chiefs hat to show his support.