Antonio Brown Drops 'Billy Madison' Photoshop to Mark His Return to School

09/24/2019 02:19 pm EDT

One day after announcing that he was re-enrolling at Central Michigan University, Antonio Brown has chosen to celebrate the life decision as only he can: by dropping a Photoshopped image on Instagram with a quote about people trying to hold him down. In this instance, he selected a movie from the diverse Adam Sandler library.

Tuesday morning, Brown posted a photo on Instagram that showed his head edited onto Sandler's body, seated at a desk and surrounded by his young classmates. This background is actually a scene from 1995's Billy Madison, a movie in which Sandler has to retake grades 1-12 in order to inherit his father's hotel empire.

"They tried to bury me; didn’t know I was a seed," Brown wrote in the caption. This is not a quote from Billy Madison but is actually a phrase that has origins dating back to 1978 and Greek poet Dinos Christianopoulos.

"Back to school [CMU Athletics]," Brown posted on his Instagram stories on Monday to announce that he was headed back to college. The four classes Brown will be taking Introduction to Management, Technical Writing, Death and Dying (a religion course) and Racism and Equality (a sociology course).

According to ESPN, Brown will be taking those four classes, which are all online courses. Interestingly enough, it was also reported that he began taking classes on September 16 before his release from the Patriots.

Prior to landing with the Pittsburgh Steelers as a sixth-round pick in 2010, Brown attended CMU from 2007-2009. During his time with the team, he tallied 305 receptions for 3,199 yards and 22 touchdowns.

As it turns out, this isn't the first time that Brown has posted an image of his head Photoshopped onto something from a movie. Back in late March, he also posted a photo of himself and Oakland Raiders QB Derek Carr edited onto the movie poster from White Men Can't Jump. This was used as a method to celebrate his friendship with Carr, as well as the quarterback's birthday.

Well, that pairing in the Bay Area did not last particularly long, nor did Brown's time with the New England Patriots. In fact, he may actually be done with football altogether. Sunday morning, the free agent announced on Twitter that he was done with the NFL.

Granted, he didn't actually file retirement paperwork, so he could easily make a return if a team offers a contract, but for now, Brown will instead stay away from the football field. He will simply focus on acing these courses.

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