'Cheer' Fans Think Monica Aldama and Sheryl Crow Are Identical

With citizens around the world practicing social distancing due to COVID-19 concerns, there has been an uptick in Netflix streaming. Many viewers have been watching Cheer for the first time and have some thoughts about the cheerleader docuseries. Specifically, some fans of the show believe that singer Sheryl Crow appears identical to one of the characters.

Cheer follows the coaches and cheerleaders at Navarro College in Corsicana, Texas. This includes head coach Monica Aldama, who has led the program to 14 NCAA National Championships since 2000. She has drawn considerable attention for her ability to lead the cheerleading program, but many viewers can't help but notice the similarities between her and Crow. Some have even called for a Cheer movie starring the singer.

"Finally decided to start Cheer and Monica is actually Sheryl Crow, right???" one fan of the show wrote on Twitter. Several others chimed in and explained that they had mistaken the coach for the singer during their first viewing experience. One fan took the comparison to another level and is preparing for an upcoming concert featuring the cheerleading coach.

"I'm getting tickets to see Sheryl Crow this summer but I might tell myself it's Monica #twins," one fan wrote. They were excited to hear the song "Soak Up the Sun" as performed by Aldama.

While the majority of Cheer fans believe that Aldama and Crow are lookalikes, others believe that they are connected in a different way. They could envision the two hanging out on a regular basis, along with other popular figures.

"If Monica Aldama lived in LA I 100 percent believe she'd be in the Jen Aniston, Sheryl Crow, Chelsea Handler friend group. Thanks for your time," another fan of the show wrote on Twitter.

Crow comparisons aside, Cheer has become a favorite streaming option among Netflix users. Casual viewers spending time at home while practicing social distancing have binged the season and are hoping for more episodes to be released in the near future.


They are not alone, however, as many celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon as well. Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt revealed that he is "now obsessed" with Cheer and even has favorite team members. Similarly, Chrissy Teigen used the show as an inspiration to post a throwback photo from her cheerleading days.

(Photo Credit: Jason Kempin/Getty Images)