Tom Brady's Kobe Bryant Tribute Sparks Praise From FS1 Reporter Jason Whitlock

On Monday, 20,000 fans packed the Staples Center to honor Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant and his 13-year old daughter Gianna in a public memorial service after they died in a helicopter crash one month ago. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady wrote a touching tribute shared on social media to Bryant and Gianna and it led to praise from one of the more outspoken sports journalists in the country. Jason Whitlock, who is the co-host of the FS1 show Speak for Yourself, went to Twitter to reveal his thoughts of Brady's tribute.

"Holy s—, this is amazing," Whitlock wrote. Thank you, Mr. Brady."

Fans who saw the tweet from Whitlock agreed with him.

"We can all like or dislike Tom as a player but this shows what Tom is as a person," one fan responded. "As a person you have to respect/admire Tom Brady."

"Man that was awesome to read," another fan wrote. "Definitely makes you want to make change in your daily life. A lot of truth and inspiring words here."

Brady revealed the loss of Bryant, Gianna and the seven other victims in the crash has affected him more than he thought it would.

"I have been deeply affected by the passing of Kobe, Gigi and the others in that tragic flight weeks ago," Brady wrote at the start of his statement. "Since then, I've witnessed the well deserved outpouring of love and support for the families that had so much left to give, and it's helped me reflect and gain perspective. I know that love peace and joy will always endure. And in this tragedy, I have learned so much. Why has this touched me in the way that it did? Why has it kept me up all night, and brought me so many tears?"

Brady also mentioned how Bryant was making a name for himself off the court.


"In his second chapter, you saw even more," Brady continued. "You saw his excitement for life, and for achieving in areas only he thought possible. He became more of an entrepreneur, media mogul father, husband and mentor among other roles. And he didn't stop with himself. Kobe didn't care whether you were a man or woman, boy or girl, black or white, rich or poor, ordinary or extraordinary, he wanted you to become the best you could be."

Brady and Bryant won a combined 12 championships and collected four MVP trophies. Brady is expected to reach the Pro Football Hall of Fame once he retires from the NFL and Bryant will enter the Pro Basketball Hall of Fame this year.