Ryan Newman Is Thumbs up in Newly Revealed Photo With Martin Truex Jr. After Hospital Release

Following his release from the hospital, NASCAR driver Ryan Newman is seen giving a thumbs up in a newly revealed photo, alongside fellow NASCAR driver Martin Truex Jr. In the photo shared to Twitter, Newman can be seen sitting on a couch and smiling, as her poses with his friends. Newman had been hospitalized this week, after suffering a terrible crash at the Daytona 500 on Monday, which wreck his car and left him with serious injuries. Luckily, his wounds were not life-threatening.

Fans have since been commenting on the photo, with one writing, "I swear every ten minutes for the last two hours the 'best picture ever' gets posted. Such a great day."

"What a wonderful sight! I hope that Ryan and Krissie can find the miracle in all of this and in each other. God Bless!!" exclaimed another user.

"God must of been looking out for Ryan Newman. I don’t know how he went from being in serious condition to recovering at home in a matter of days especially after a wreck that bad, but it is incredible," commented someone else.

"I am at work and Rocket Man is playing on the ipod. I am almost in tears just thinking how scared I was Monday night. Yes, #GodisGood," offered one more fan.


"That's what TRUE BUDS are for. You guys have rocked social media and Thank God for the most amazing outcome possible, us race fans all have a favorite driver or 2, but when bad shit happens we all support the ones who need it," tweeted a fifth fan.

"This helps all of us heal, just us simple folks have been put into tears. Sharing your pictures is helping us heal to. Thank You Sherry, my wife to is ten years cancer free . Life is a battle and seeing you all together shall help me heal tremendously," added one last user.