Daytona 500: Joey Logano in Hot Water for Tweet He Sent Before Acknowledging Ryan Newman's Wreck

Monday night, NASCAR driver Joey Logano finished the Daytona 500 in 26th place. He then reportedly took to Twitter to talk about the performance of his car and say that it had been a good race. The exact message is no longer available due to Logano deleting the tweet after being met with considerable criticism from users on Twitter.

"We had an amazing 22 car all day," Logano wrote in the now-deleted tweet. "Thought we were where we needed to be...but wrong spot at the wrong time. Thanks to all the fans who came back out today #Daytona500."

NASCAR fans were frustrated with Logano on Monday night due to him thanking the fans for showing up and talking about his car before acknowledging Ryan Newman's frightening wreck. He did delete the original tweet before sending a message that read: "Prayers for @RyanJNewman [praying hands emoji]."

"You're late on that one dbag," one angry Twitter user wrote in response to Logano. They felt that his post about Newman's wreck was not valid due to the previously-deleted tweet. Others joined in by saying that his focus on his car was just a bad look.

"Hopefully that previous tweet (that you deleted) was on a timer or something. I hope you didn't need your team to tell you a tweet about your position was not appropriate," another Twitter user wrote on Sunday night.

There was an incident late in the race in which Logano seemingly caused a massive wreck. He pushed Aric Almirola's car into the back of Brad Keselowski's, resulting in roughly half of the field getting knocked into each other or off the track entirely. The fans felt that Logano's aggressive driving was the reason for this massive wreck, and they were angry that he had tweeted about his car following the race instead of expressing his concern about Newman's status.

"Had to delete your other shellfish [sic] tweet about how great your car was. Glad it got retweeted 22 times before you got rid of it. No one cares about how great you car was especially since you wrecks half the field. I used to be a fan of yours but no more," another individual added to the conversation.


The fans were very angry with Logano on Monday night, and that has not particularly changed on Tuesday. They blame him for one of the Daytona 500 wrecks, and they are very frustrated with his now-deleted tweet.

(Photo Credit: Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)