Texas High School Football Player Prays With Opponent Whose Mom Has Cancer

Two Texas high school football players were seen doing something special this past weekend. Gage Smith and Ty Jordan play on different teams, but the two got together once the game was over and staying praying. Smith asked Jordan to say a prayer together because Jordan's mother has stage four lung and bone cancer.

"It was meant for just me and him to have a moment and to pray over his family and for his mom,'' Smith said to TODAY. "I just wanted to let him know there are other people thinking about him and his family, and let him know he has somebody to turn to."

Photos of the two praying were taken and it got to Jordan's aunt, Takka Jordan, and she posted the photo on Facebook. According to TODAY, the photo got 100,000 likes before it was taken down for public viewing. Jordan's mother, Tiffany Jordan, also received the photo and she said she got very emotional.

"I was speechless,'' she said. "It made me cry. (Smith) didn't have to do that. The fact that he took the time to pray with Ty for me, that took my breath away."


The photos were posted on Twitter and there was a lot of support for the family. One person said, "You’re an amazing kid Gage! We know you’re humble and didn’t expect that to go viral. I have 2 sons and I admire what kind of a young man you are. As for Mrs. Jordan, we will all be praying for her now. God bless you all and have a great rest of the season." Another person said, "Respect! I bleed black and gold and hope Sherman loses every game. But this is bigger than any rivalry! Your parents should be proud. This is what sports is all about and you showed how sports can bring people closer! Go Denison" And another person said, "I know neither of you. I'm in Kentucky and not even a sports fan. But someone shared this on Facebook earlier and it really touched me. I shared it even. We could all learn a lesson from these two fine young men. Everyone is in my prayers."

Smith attends Sherman High School and Jordan attends West Mesquite. Sherman won the game 56-27, but both Smith and Jordan left the field as winners.