Matthew McConaughey Appears on College Game Day and Twitter Is in love

Actor Matthew McConaughey was already a popular figure in Texas heading into the weekend, but he earned even more fans during a recent appearance on ESPN. With College GameDay in Austin for the high-profile Texas vs. LSU battle, the producers needed someone that could defend UT and explain how the Tigers weren't guaranteed a win against the Longhorns. Enter McConaughey.

The actor from Fool's Gold and True Detective has been a wildly popular figure in Austin for years due to his diehard fandom, and he kicked it up a notch on Saturday morning. During this appearance, McConaughey sang the Texas fight song multiple times and picked his favorite team to reign victorious. This was exciting for the fans, but McConaughey fired them up even more after Lee Corso picked LSU to win. The southern actor stood up, waved to the crowd, and sang the fight song even louder while ripping the tiger head off of Corso.

Fans loved this move. Many called for McConaughey to be on the show every week because of the fun that he had and how the crowd responded. The boos raining in when Corso picked LSU made it nearly impossible to hear the announcer talking, which was directly attributed to McConaughey riling up the crowd.

Of course, this is also a man that knows his stuff. McConaughey isn't an avid fan that just makes bold proclamations to the TV crowd; Texas football is his area of expertise. McConaughey even proved this on Twitter when he continued talking to Kirk Herbstreit about the future of the program after the segment ended. In his opinion, the Austin-based team certainly has brighter days ahead.


Unfortunately for McConaughey, the LSU Tigers are currently 6.5-point favorites during this primetime matchup. Odds-makers see Texas putting up a fight but ultimately falling short of victory during a game in which both teams combine for 57 points. Of course, this game is being played in Austin, so there is an opportunity for the crowd to get in the game early and disrupt the LSU gameplan.

Whether or not the Longhorns achieve victory on Saturday is yet to be determined, but there is no denying that McConaughey will receive some of the credit if they win. Getting the crowd fired up by singing the fight song before ripping off Corso's tiger hat was a wildly entertaining moment for fans of Texas.