Baltimore Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh Responds to President Trump's 'Infestation' Comments

The Baltimore Ravens head coach just came to the defense of his city. Over the weekend, President Donald Trump used Twitter to describe the 7th District of Maryland as “a disgusting, rat and rodent-infested mess.” These comments caused an expected uproar among those living in Baltimore, as well as the general populace.

As it turns out, the coach of the Baltimore Ravens, John Harbaugh, was among those that disagreed with President Trump. Reporters asked the longtime coach for his opinion of the comments on Monday, and he responded by describing his own personal experience with the city of Baltimore. Harbaugh left Philadelphia and the Eagles for Baltimore in 2008, and has never regretted that decision.

“Well I can tell you this,” Harbaugh said. “My wife, my daughter, and me, we love Baltimore. And more than Baltimore, we love the people in Baltimore. We love the people in Baltimore everywhere. Maybe it’s because the Baltimore people love the Ravens so much, but we’ve felt nothing but love here for the last 11 years.”

“I think all big cities have challenges and problems, it’s not unique here, I think. Our prayer, as a family, when we go to bed at night sometimes, is...well, it will be from now on at that the politicians get together and work together. You know? Can you imagine how powerful it would be if the two sides of the aisle, two guys like those two wonderful people, got together and solved some problems and found ways to make things better? That’s what we are all rooting for.”

Entering his 12th year in charge of the Ravens, the Super Bowl-winning head coach has become a beloved figure in the city of Baltimore. He has taken the team from rough moments to the peak of the NFL and has continually found ways to generate excitement for the franchise while dealing with changes on the roster.

There were moments throughout the 2018 season in which Harbaugh’s future with the Ravens was undetermined, but he successfully navigated the budding mid-season quarterback competition between veteran Joe Flacco and rookie Lamar Jackson and led the team back to the playoffs.


In response, owner Steve Bisciotti gave Harbaugh a four-year contract extension that will keep him in town through the 2022 season.

Baltimore can rest assured that the head coach will be around to defend his city for the foreseeable future.


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