Sophie Turner Reveals She Learned What Oral Sex Was From a 'Game of Thrones' Script

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Sophie Turner says that her starring role on Game of Thrones served as her "sex education." During a recent interview, the 21-year-old actress revealed that she learned what "oral sex" was from one of the scripts for the wildly popular and often racy HBO series.

"The first time I ever found out about oral sex was from reading the script. I was like… 'Wow! People do that? That's fascinating!'" she said during an interview with The Times magazine. "I guess that was my sex education."

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One of Sophie Turner's horrific and controversial scenes in the fifth season of Game of Thrones showed her character, Sansa Stark, being raped by Ramsay Bolton. Turner spoke candidly about how the scene opened her eyes to "sexual assault" and the "aftermath."

"Sexual assault wasn't something that had affected me or anybody I knew, so I was pretty blasé about the whole thing," she said. "Naively so. And then I shot the scene, and in the aftermath there was this huge uproar that we would depict something like that on television."

Initially, the X-Men Apocalypse star was against having the rape scene air on TV.

"My first response was like, maybe we shouldn't have put that on screen at all."

After much consideration, Turner found that the graphic scene could be used to shed light on a sensitive topic.

"The more we talk about sexual assault the better, and screw the people who are saying we shouldn't be putting this on TV and screw the people who are saying they're going to boycott the show because of it," she said.

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Turner continued by saying: "This sort of thing used to happen and it continues to happen now, and if we treat it as such a taboo and precious subject, then how are people going to have the strength to come out and feel comfortable saying that this has happened to them?"

The actress, who has been dating pop singer Joe Jonas, spoke out about her character in an interview last month. Turner said she believes that Sansa is becoming more like Cersei Lannister.

"[Sansa has changed] from being a naive, vulnerable innocent young woman and being such an underdog… to being a leader, powerful and hungry for revenge from the people who have done her family wrong," Turner said while talking to Yahoo.

She continued by saying: "They're both so family-obsessed and family-oriented, and will do anything for the people they love. I can totally see her becoming a Cersei and kind of driven mad by it, by the threats against her family. At the end of the day, that's why she does the things that she does, because she's terrified of losing the people she loves. And so she'll stop at nothing to protect them."

Season 7 of Game of Thrones premieres on July 16 on HBO.


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