This Has a Major Impact on How Much You Want Sex

In all likelihood, the beginning of your current relationship was totally hot. New relationships are fun to explore and get to know each other — both emotionally and physically. Back then, you'd jump at any chance you had to get your partner alone, right? But fast forward a few years to when life with your partner is normal and routine, and you're left wondering: Should we be having sex more?

It's not that you're not into your partner anymore, but after all that time, the novelty of sex just gets a little less appealing. While it's different for everyone, your age (or however old you feel) could actually have something to do with how much sex you're having.

A 2017 study from The Kinsey Institute researched how age impacts the frequency of sex. The report, published in the Journal of Sex Research, studied almost 1,200 middle-aged and older adults over a 10-year span. Researchers asked participants about how many times they do it, the "quality" of the sex, and how interested they are in having sex.

One important question was researchers' golden ticket: "Many people feel older or younger than they actually are. What age do you feel most of the time?"

As it turns out, the amount of sex you're having (or could be having) is all about your attitude. The decade-long study found that those who reported feeling "older" also reported having less sex and that the "quality" of it was worse.

The study also found that people generally have less sex over the years, going from 2.52 times over the past six months to 1.8 times. Unsurprisingly, those with chronic health conditions did it less.

On the other hand, those who did it often at the study's start were also having more sex 10 years later. Aka, your current habits in the bedroom could predict your sexual behavior for the rest of your relationship. Use it or lose it, people!


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