6 Things You Need To Pack for Your Honeymoon

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Even though a lot of us have had romantic daydreams of what our honeymoon would be like, between the planning and marrying the love of your life, packing for the trip seems to be one of the more overlooked aspects. Well, that or completely putting it off until the very last minute.

While it's budget-related for some, it's procrastination for others who believe packing can be stressful. But it doesn't have to be. Your honeymoon is the first holiday you and your darling partner embark upon as you enter the world of marital bliss together, so it needs to run smoothly and be extremely organized.

It's a no-brainer to always have your passport and driver's license on hand wherever you go (and copies of both), but regardless of the destination there are a few necessities all honeymooners should consider when packing for the second biggest event of newly wedded bliss.

Travel apps
No matter where you head for that romantic escape, make sure you have a few travel apps on your smartphone or device to help you stay organized — and sane. Between TripIt that keeps track of your flight status and syncs confirmation emails in one place, to Google Translate that will help you get around a foreign city, let technology help you out. Additionally, with the aid of some luggage tracking apps or devices, you can even label and tag suitcases so you never have to worry.

Before you leave for your honeymoon, keep in mind your dollars and cents — or is it, pounds or euros? While credit cards are reliable and quick, you might discover some restaurants, stores, or hotels won't take credit cards so it's wise to keep cash on hand. While you can use credit cards to get cash advances at the local banks and ATMs, bear in mind a machine's security and any charges your credit card company might incur. Cash is not only easy to carry around but it makes your honeymoon more relaxing, especially when returning home to a life of shared finances.

Chargers and adapters
While our newly crowned spouse might be an extension of us, our smartphones, devices, and laptops are the other. Believe it or not, chargers and adapters are often overlooked when packing. In a worst-case scenario, there is nothing worse than being stranded at an airport after delays and realizing your phone's battery is sporting some dangerously low bars. When packing for your honeymoon, pack device chargers and any adapters in your carry-on bag like this chic gold one! If you find yourself at a destination without your luggage, at least you can constantly stay in touch with family or airline customer service thanks to your carry-on.

First aid kit
If you were feeling daring during that romantic dinner by candlelight and opted for something your tummy has abruptly decided to hate, you're going to need something to soothe that ache. Running to the bathroom all night is not how you want to remember your honeymoon, is it? Unfortunately, medications you're usually accustomed to might not be available depending on where you head to so keep a first aid kit on hand. Pull out practical items from your medicine cabinet and create a first aid kit of antacids, aspirin, bandages, aloe vera, nausea and allergy medication. You'll thank yourself.


A daypack
It might sound a little like mom advising you, but a daypack can be incredibly beneficial upon your honeymooners adventure. Perfect for morning or afternoon trips of city walking tours or hiking treks, a daypack can conveniently store what you need the most — and that includes important documents too. While you're out with your partner, don't forget about hydration. Easy to store in a daypack, keep in mind that it's essential to drink plenty of bottled water throughout your trip.

Your attire
Although a good honeymoon might mean staying in bed all day, you should pack your favorite clothes on hand for when you decide to finally venture out of that room together. While lingerie is a honeymoon favorite, pack outfits for your trip that are über comfortable and ideal for dancing, dining, and day tripping. Think of the destination, its climate and choose appropriateness. Of course, being the fashionable and confident Womanista that you are, you went shopping prior to the trip, but word to the wise: do not wear anything new while honeymooning — especially shoes. Nothing ruins a good day more than an emerging bunion or callus.