11 Things The Happiest Married Couples Do Every Day

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There's no better time to spice up your marriage than right now. Even for the busy couple, there's always time to work on your marriage—and it might be easier than you think! Kick the old-you to the curb and adopt these 11 tips and tricks to make your marriage even happier! We promise there's even a few items you might not have heard before.

1. Try new things

All married couples fall into a routine, and that's normal. However, you want the romance to stay alive, right? Fight the boredom that comes with the day-to-day and make sure you incorporate something new into your relationship. Maybe that means you accompany your husband on his trip to Lowe's, or he helps you cook dinner. Try doing something together that's out of the ordinary!

2. Have a sense of humor

Happy married couples laugh together. Even if that means you're laughing on the couch watching "Seinfeld," that's great! Putting yourselves together in humorous situations will make you feel a stronger bond with the other person—especially when you both find the joke funny!

3. PDA isn't taboo

It can be difficult if you've been married for a while to convince your husband to hold your hand as you walk into the grocery, but you deserve it! Showing small displays of affection makes couples feel cherished and cared for, even if that's just a squeeze of the hand or a shoulder rub as you look at produce.

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4. Appreciate each other

Happy married couples voice their appreciation for their partner. "Thank you for taking out the trash," they say, or "Thank you for cooking dinner every night. It tastes delicious!" We do so many small things throughout the day that it feels so good to feel appreciated! Say something that will bring a smile to your partner's face.

5. Don't argue in front of others

We've all been there watching another couple argue. It's awkward, it's embarrassing, and it may cause us to reflect on our own relationship. Well, here's a tip from the happy married couples: don't argue in front of other people, not even your kids! Take a deep breath and speak with them in private. This will give you a few moments to calm down and think about your words before you confront your partner. Having good conflict management skills is imperative to a happy marriage!

6. Show interest in their hobbies

Does he love cars, but you love photography? That's okay! Showing interest in your partner's hobbies will go a long way with them, and they might even reciprocate! This is a fabulous trick all happily married couples know to keep peace in the relationship, plus it makes each partner feel valued and cared for.

7. Know partner's love language

Does your partner show their love for you through giving and service, or do they value quality time? Everyone has a different love language. Happy couples use this information to their advantage by understanding their partner's loving behaviors and gestures. Click here to discover your love language.

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8. Don't interrupt

Happily married couples listen until their partner is done speaking. Like Stephen R. Covey perfectly states, most people don't listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to respond. Be mindful of your listening habits and add more value to the conversation by opening your ears.

9. Choose love

"Every day we tell each other the reason we are choosing our partner today. Today my husband said, 'Today I choose you because you are an amazing mother to our daughter,'" HuffPost reader Lauren Ashely Breslaw Nichols said. This is such a great tip! After years of marriage, it can be difficult to feel that original spark. Making a daily decision to love your spouse and sharing the reasons why will boost your empathy towards them.

10. Find a way to brighten their day


If you know your spouse loves Heath bars, sneak one into his lunch bag, or buy his favorite beer for a movie night after a long day. Making a small gesture that shows how well you know your partner goes a long way in making him/her feel valued and loved.

11. Explore together

Planning a trip together might be just what your marriage needs! Escaping reality and spending time one-on-one with your spouse in a new place will bring positivity and new memories to your relationship. Who can say no to that?