‘Wife Swap’ Revival Set at CMT

Rejoice, Wife Swap fans! A revival of the iconic reality TV show has been ordered for CMT.

The one-hour, 10-episode series is to spotlight two families from different socioeconomic backgrounds that swap spouses, per CMT, and will showcase buzzworthy topics such as politics, class, gender and race while trying to bridge the increasing gap in society.

During the switches, new spouses are required to first adhere by the rules and lifestyles of their temporary family, only to create their own rules later in the episode.

At the end, the two couples will meet to discuss what they learned from the time with each other's families, and which new rules they will decide to keep after the couples are reunited in their rightful home.

The original Wife Swap aired on ABC from 2004 to 2010 and spawned the spin-off Celebrity Wife Swap, which aired from 2012 to 2015.

Fans of the original show will remember it sparked quite a few viral characters, many of whom are still referenced today.

In 2009, an episode of Wife Swap featuring 6-year-old Curtis Holland, who was also known in his home as King Curtis, sparked many meme-able moments.

The junk food-loving North Carolina family was swapped with fitness instructor Joy Brown, who forced the family to change their unhealthy lifestyle during her time in the home.

But King Curtis was not happy when Brown confiscated his bacon, packing up his things and threatening to run away. Quotes from Curtis such as "Bacon is good for me," "Chicken nuggets is my family," and "She's acting like she's the Queen and we're the sorry people," still remain popular references today.

After appearing on reality TV, King Curtis was approached to film a reality show spin-off as well as to advertise for a bacon company, neither of which ideas came to fruition.


A premiere date for the series revival has yet to be announced.

Photo Credit: CMT