Why 'Teen Mom OG' Alum Farrah Abraham's Fans Want CPS Called on Her

Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham shared a new video featuring her daughter, 10-year-old Sophia, on Instagram Sept. 4, showing Sophia preparing for New York Fashion Week. The video inspired her followers to criticize her parenting, with one fan even suggesting Sophia be taken by child protective services. Some fans believe Sophia's image is being altered already.

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Back on Sept. 4, Abraham shared a video on Sophia's Instagram page, featuring her daughter promoting T-shirts ahead of New York Fashion Week. The video teases her appearance at an event on Sunday, Sept. 9 in New York City.

Several Instagram users were disturbed by Sophia's bright blue eyes, which almost looked artificial. Many included the hashtag, "Save Sophia" out of concern for her safety.

"Where is the family for Sophia? Why are they not calling CPS?" one person wrote in a comment liked 123 times.

"A child doesn't have to be physically harmed for CPS to be involved," the same Instagram user explained after another asked how CPS could find Abraham. "Sophia is left alone by herself at night while her mother escorts, that alone as well as other incidents like substance abuse; absolutely CPS could be involved. And I believe part of the problem is her not staying at one location long enough for them to find her."

Other comments focused on Sophia's make-up and her bright blue eyes. Sophia's natural eye color is brown, as visible in other recent Instagram posts.

"10 years old and already altering her appearance... well done Farrah," one person wrote, along with an eye-rolling emoji.

"Redic (sic). You're 10. Stop altering your appearance. Fake eye color. Love yourself. This is Farrah's fault," another added.

"Coloured contacts and makeup at 10. Plastic surgery by 15. Mom is turning this poor girl into a copy of herself. Poor kid," another chimed in.

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Abraham was also criticized for another video featuring Sophia in New York. On Sept. 6, she shared a video with Sophia talking about another T-shirt promotion, with Sophia wearing a sports bra.

"Hey Farrah, might not be the best idea to put a video of your tween daughter in a bra on the internet for all the creepers in the world to see?" one concerned Instagram user wrote.

"Why I'm the hell is this little girl on here with a sports bra on????? Just WOW! My daughter is 12yrs old and never would I ever let her do this, not when she was 9, 10, 11....or EVER!!! Smh," another user wrote.

Sophia and Abraham are in New York a week after they were in Venice, Italy for the Venice Film Festival. Abraham was criticized repeatedly during that trip as well, as photos showed Sophia wearing heavy make-up. Others felt Abraham was using her daughter as a prop.


Abraham left Teen Mom OG last year to focus on her career in the adult entertainment industry. Her latest venture is a series of odd "Docu-Comedy" skits posted on her YouTube page.

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