Why 'Real Housewives of Salt Lake City' Star Mary Cosby Skipped the Reunion

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Mary Cosby says she didn't go to the RHSLC Season 2 reunion special because she didn't want to be "beat up" verbally for several incidents that took place over the season. The church leader has been found in the middle of multiple controversial moments –– including an accusation that her church is a front for a cult. 

 "I did not go to the reunion, because I was not about to sit there and be beat up from one side of the story and of the narrative," Cosby said in an interview with BroughChat

She went on to add that she was told by Bravo's producers that she "shines" during reunions. So much so that the producers concocted a secret plan to have her ambushed with a slew of "one-sided questions" and criticisms so she can "go off" on the others. But Cosby had the last laugh, telling the show "I'm not doing it."

"I never got a chance to express my side, to say no one even told me they were talking about me, no one even told me they called my church a cult," she continued. "I found out on TV. I found out with you guys, no one ever told me none [sic] of that."

At one point during the season, some of Mary's cast members accused her of running her church (which was handed down to her through her grandmother) as a cult and alleged that she took the money given to the church from her constituents to fund her designer closet and affluent lifestyle. Cosby denied the allegations at the time on the show but says she had no idea that the other women had been doing their own research into the claims until she watched the episodes as they aired.  


Cosby also faced criticism this season for a few racially insensitive comments she made –– one, toward newcomer Jennie Nguyen's "slanted eyes" and another about Mexican people. "I would like to take this opportunity to address a comment I made on the last episode of RHOSLC. I used poor judgment in my choice of words. Please accept my apologies," she said at the time."I was not trying to single out the Mexican culture. I am African American and I know racism first hand. I've lived it daily my entire life. It is important to me that you hear this apologize directly from me. My comment was wreckless [sic] .. unintentional. I am truly sorry!"