[SPOILER] Sent Packing on 'The Bachelor'

Valerie, Lauren G. and Jenny will not be finding love on The Bachelor this season.

The 25-year-old server, 26-year-old recruiter and the 25-year-old graphic designer were left without a rose at the end of the season's first traditional rose ceremony Monday after last week's mass elimination, in which Chelsea was given the first impression rose.



Both Becca K. and Krystal were presented with roses after their romantic (and extravagant) first dates during this week's episode, while Sienne got the group date rose after defeating her competitors in the demolition derby.

Bibiana, who raised hell after being interrupted by Krystal during the pre-elimination cocktail party, was given the final rose after her classic "mic drop" moment earlier in the episode.

Luyendyk opened up about his game plan for this season to reporters prior to the season premiere.

lauren g
(Lauren G.)

"I think my game plan was not to lead with chemistry. I think in the past I've done that before and I think as a man it's easy to do that. Also for me, I just really tried to envision how that person would fit into my regular life and if I could fit into their life," he said.


"I really tried to concentrate on my time with said individual," he added. "I think that as the Bachelor, you really don't see what's happening at the house, you really kind of only hear through the women telling you sort of what drama's unfolding. So for me, I try to cast aside and really give the person in front of me the benefit of the doubt because it is a difficult experience. It's not an experience everyone handles the same and just because they're popular in the house, doesn't really make them a good life partner."


The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.