'Total Divas': Brie Bella Breaks Down Over 'Overwhelming' Mom Guilt

Brie Bella is a force to be reckoned with inside the WWE ring, but she also struggles with balancing her sense of self with her role as a mom!

In Wednesday's all-new episode of Total Divas, the women of the WWE continued their Lake Tahoe girls trip after last week's room choice debacle between Lana and Paige. And while the mother of 1-year-old Birdie Danielson was fully ready to let "Brie Mode" take over for the week, she admitted to her co-stars that mom guilt has been playing "mind games" with her as she lets loose.

"When I'm on trips like this, I have this big tug-of-war with my heart of being here and feeling really free and feeling youthful Brie, feeling young again and feeling like I did before marriage, how I did before having a child," she admitted. "But then, every time I go to bed, I get this really overwhelming sadness that I'm not going to wake up with Birdie, and then because the guilt, I sit there and think, 'I don't ever want it to come off that I'm happy or doing these trips without her, because I'm so happy with her too,' but it's such a mind game. It gets very overwhelming."

Bella was clearly getting emotional talking about her conflicting feelings, so it was then that Trinity Fatu, who is a stepmother to two children, stepped in to give her a comforting pep talk.

"I strongly believe that when you have kids, your life shouldn't stop," she told Bella. "Your happiness and you staying mentally healthy and good on trips like this to get away so you can recharge — you can feel good and you'll be even better when you go back to her, because you're going to miss her."

Fatu added of the responsibility places on women to juggle family life and their careers, "I feel like we, as women, wear so many hats. Especially the women I work with, we're all so strong-minded, we're all so independent, and we're like, 'I'm super woman! I can do anything!' But sometimes it is a lot."

She continued, "We're human, and sometimes we need to check out, get it together, and get back in the game."

Her words definitely appeared to work, and while Bella was clearly happy to get back to her baby at the trip's end, she let go and embraced the moments with her friends.


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Photo credit: Instagram/Brie Bella