Tori Roloff Considers Herself 'Lucky' With New Snapshot

TLC star Tori Roloff has been open on social media about her life as a new mom, but in her latest photograph, the reality star reflected not on her experience as a new mom, but on how "lucky" she is.

On Thursday, Roloff took to Instagram to share sweet photo of her infant son Jackson Kyle and her husband, Zach Roloff together.

I simply can't understand how I am so lucky to call these two mine. #zandtpartyofthree

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"I simply can't understand how I am so lucky to call these two mine," Roloff captioned the photo of father and son, with little Jackson sticking out his tongue at the camera.

Roloff, who married Zach Roloff in July 2015, has openly shared updates on her well-being and how motherhood has changed her life since the birth of son Jackson Kyle this past spring. The Little People, Big World star recently shared about the challenges of breastfeeding as well about how Jackson is "training" her when it comes to sleep.

The 25-year-old also struck back against mommy shamers earlier this month after receiving messages about how she needed to use sunscreen on the infant after she posted an image on Instagram Stories of Jackson napping in her arms outside at one of Zach's youth soccer games.


"Guys. The kid was smothered in sunscreen. Don't worry. I got this." Roloff replied.

Photo: Instagram / @toriroloff