Tori Roloff Gets Candid About a 'Lie' Making the Rounds on Social Media

Little People, Big World cast member, Tori Roloff has been open with fans on social media with just about everything that motherhood entails, and her latest post is no different.

In a heartfelt post shared to her Instagram on Friday, Roloff opened up about a lie that has her "upset," making the rounds on social media.

Sharing an image of her son with husband, Zach, the 26-year-old posted a lengthy message alongside the tender snap.

"One thing I've heard a lot lately on social media, and TV, and even in person has me a little upset...," she began. "I hear people talking about how 'life is over' when you have a kid. I think this is such a lie."

The first-time mom, who loves spending time with her son, Jackson says she has "found life" after having a child.

"I've found something I can completely pour my soul in to and something that gives me purpose," she said. "I hear people tell others that 'ah it's all over from here'... what is? The fact that I can't stay out all night partying (that's cool my bedtime is 9 anyway)."

She adds that having a kid is "honestly a gift I know I don't deserve from God."


"Life isn't over when you have a kid... it's only just beginning!" she concluded.

Roloff is clearly loving every bit of motherhood and posting updates regularly to her Instagram. Earlier this month, she and husband Zach celebrated Jackson's 7-month milestones, revealing just how far along their little tot has come.

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