Todd Chrisley's Son Kyle Marries Fiancee Ashleigh Nelson After Brief Engagement

Congratulations are in order for Kyle Chrisley, who married fiancée Ashleigh Nelson after a brief [...]

Congratulations are in order for Kyle Chrisley, who married fiancée Ashleigh Nelson after a brief engagement on March 30 in St. Augustine, Florida, PEOPLE reported Wednesday. The 30-year-old son of Chrisley Knows Best star Todd Chrisley and his new bride, also 30, obtained their marriage license in St. Johns County on March 29, with no witnesses to the ceremony listed on their wedding certificate.

"I've always known from the beginning that Kyle is who I would marry," Nelson told the magazine. "To know the Chrisleys is to love them, and Kyle is no different. ...Kyle says he hopes he can be half the husband his dad is to Julie." Neither Todd nor his wife Julie Chrisley has commented publicly on Kyle's marriage, which the groom only shared to Facebook as a life update Wednesday.

Nelson and Kyle revealed on Instagram in February that they had gotten engaged, with both posting a selfie in which she holds up her engagement ring. "I couldn't imagine my life without you and now I don't have to. I love you so much [Ashleigh Nelson]," Kyle captioned his post. "I'm so happy you said yes." Nelson shared the same photo with the caption, "I've been keeping my life super private. I'm always worried about what people may think, but ya know what, f— what they say, we're getting married!!"

Todd and Kyle have had a difficult relationship over the years as Kyle struggled with substance abuse problems that caused Todd to take in his now-8-year-old daughter Chloe, but the two are mending fences as of late. In a March episode of Chrisley Knows Best, Todd was emotional receiving a call from his son asking to meet up, telling Julie he was ready to "open the door to Kyle again."

"I was expecting Kyle to call because my mother said she had given him my number, but expecting someone to call and then someone actually calling is a whole different thing," Todd shared in the episode. "And I'm not going to lie, hearing Kyle's voice over the phone, it causes me to become very emotional." Todd added that he was willing to take a chance to get hurt again "because you know every day that's lost is a day that you don't ever get back."