TLC Star Arrested on Robbery and Assault Charges

Former Unexpected star Matthew Blevins, infamous for getting two girls named Hailey pregnant during Season 3, was arrested last week in Kentucky and is currently being charged with felony robbery and misdemeanor assault. Blevins was booked on Dec. 28 by the Louisville Metropolitan Department of Corrections, according to Starcasm. He posted his bond on Dec. 30 and was released with a preliminary hearing scheduled for Jan. 6. He is facing a felony charge of second-degree robbery and a misdemeanor charge of fourth-degree assault, according to Blevins' booking information and court records, per Starcasm. While the specific allegations against Blevins are still pending, these are the Kentucky statutes describing the charges: 

Robbery, in the second degree, occurs when a person uses or threatens to use physical force on another person while committing theft. When someone intentionally or wantonly causes physical injury to another person; or recklessly causes bodily harm to another person using a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument, they are guilty of assault in the fourth degree. Second-degree robbery is classified as a Class C felony "and carries a sentence of 5 – 10 years in prison," according to CIR Legal. "It can also carry a fine of up to $10,000.00."Fourth-degree assault is a Class A misdemeanor punishable by a $500 fine and up to a 12-month jail sentence.

On the TLC series, Blevins was the cast member who impregnated two different girls named Hailey — Hailey Tomlinson and Hailey Tilford. The two were close friends until Blevins entered the picture. The reality star has run afoul of the law before. The cast bios of Unexpected season 3 revealed that Tomlinson met him in 2017 after Blevins was released from being "locked up." The reason behind his arrest was not made public because he was a minor at the time. Tilford revealed in an Instagram Q&A in July 2020 that she had no plans to seek child support from Blevins for their son, Levi. She also confirmed that Blevins continues to deny that Levi is his. "Don't want him to have any type of rights to a child he doesn't claim," she said. "I don't want him to be able to walk in and out when he chooses."  The co-parenting relationship between Tomlinson and Blevins, who does claim their daughter Kinsleigh as his own, appears to be strained. On the same day of his arrest, Blevins posted a meme about the unfairness of being unable to see his child.