'The Voice': Wendy Moten Performs 'Jolene' With Broken Elbow and Fractured Wrist Following Onstage Fall

Wendy Moten didn't let a few injuries stop her from wowing the audience and judges during her The Voice live performance on Monday. Just a week after the Team Blake Shelton singer fell during her live performance onstage, Moten took the stage Monday night – broken bones and all – for a jaw-dropping rendition of Dolly Parton's classic song "Jolene."

The Top 10 finalist, 57, stood in front of the audience with pearl-clad casts on both arms, explaining that she was taken to the hospital after she fell over a speaker on stage last week, an accident that left her with a broken right elbow and a fractured left wrist. Her injuries, however, didn't impact her vocals, and Moten impressed the judges not only with her performance but also her perseverance. Kelly Clarkson told Moten, "I know what your week has been like. Kudos to you for even being on this stage right now and getting this done! To come out here as if nothing happened to you...Well done." The praise continued with Shelton, who told the singer that he has "never seen a better example of strength and perseverance and fearlessness."

Moten's performance came just a week after she sparked concern among viewers when she joined Shelton and fellow team members Lana Scott and Paris Winningham for a performance of "I Can't Help Myself" during the Tuesday, Nov. 23 episode of the NBC singing competition. As she walked off stage following the performance, Moten appeared to trip over a speaker, causing her to fall hard to the ground. Host Carson Daly witnessed the fall happen just moments before the show to a commercial break, telling viewers, "unfortunate moment for Wendy Moten, who is walking off and we hope she's okay," as Moten could be seen being helped off stage by her coach and teammates.

"I'm OK, I'm a little bruised, but you know what? I'm still ready to go!" Moten told viewers when the show returned from commercial break, with Daly noting that nothing like her fall had ever occurred on the show before. Over on her Instagram Story, Moten shared a post from an Ariana Grande fan account saying, "so glad she's okay...omg I was so worried." However, it appears that Moten's injuries were a bit more severe and required a trip to the hospital. Moten has not provided any further updates on her condition or her recovery at this time.


Moten, who earned a rare 4-chair turn during her blind audition, is among this season's Top 10 finalists, alongside Scott and Winningham. Monday's episode marked the Top 10's live performances. New episodes of The Voice air Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. Stay tuned to PopCulture.com for the latest updates.