'The Voice': Blake Shelton Roasted After Ruining Special Moment Ahead of Exit

The Voice coach Blake Shelton chapped fans on the Sept. 26 episode after he ruined a very special moment between fellow coach Gwen Stefani and contestant Cara Brindisi. After Brindisi delivered a wonderful performance of Taylor Swift's "All Too Well," Stefani showered Brindisi with praise as she hoped the singer would join her team. But as his wife finished up, Shelton's phone began to buzz, turning a special moment into a laugh fest.

Brindisi made it through a few words of "All Too Well" before Stefani and Shelton hit their red buttons to see who was singing. After Brindisi finished performing, Stefani made her pitch, noting that she loved how Brindisi put her heart out into the song. Brindisi took "All Too Well" and put it in a county setting, which may explain why Shelton was also impressed.

"Your lane is something that I'm a fan of. I was born in the '70s. I listened to all kinds of singer-songwriters," Stefani told Brindisi. "I love storytelling. I love just putting your heart in a song and being able to relate to something that somebody went through and then letting the vocal take you there." Stefani added that she did not think genre matters that much if a singer has their heart in the performance. "I would love to work with you," Stefani concluded.

Before Brindisi could respond though, Shelton's cell phone started buzzing. He realized he ruined a very important moment for Brnadisi and the audience began laughing. "Um, Blake has to take his medication," Stefani joked. "It's nap time for Grandpa Blake," fellow coach John Legend chimed in. Shelton then tried to shift the blame to Stefani, saying she was the one who set that alarm. Stefani shrugged that off, telling him, "I love you." After all that though, Brindisi joined Team Gwen.

Brindisi's audition video is filled with YouTube users commenting about how great her performance was. Some others could not stop laughing about Shelton's phone moment. "I love how Camila is just like me and Blake is just like my dad," one person wrote. "When Blake's phone rigging, that's the most funniest moment... grandpa Blake, I love u," another commented. "Blake's alarm tho and his reaction," one wrote. "Not Blake's phone alarm going off LMAO," one person commented on Twitter.

The phone incident came a few days after Shelton made a surprising admission about his phone during a stop on The Today Show last week. He admitted that he still has Stefani listed as "My Girlfriend" on his phone. "I guess when you're our age it seems – we've been together for seven years – but it still seems like it's pretty new to me," Shelton joked. "Like it's still like a little bit like the nervous phase is still there."

The Voice airs on NBC Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET. The show is now in its 22nd season and includes first-time coach Camila Cabello. The Voice is also available to stream on Peacock.