Blake Shelton Jokes 'The Voice' Contestants Choose Kelly Clarkson So She'll 'Stop Crying'

Kelly Clarkson is quickly becoming known for one thing on The Voice: crying. It is so easy to make her cry that Blake Shelton jokingly said contestants join her team just so she will stop.

"She cries so much sometimes there's a spray of spittle around her chair that you can actually see in the reflection on the floor," Shelton, who has to sit right next to her, said in a clip shared by PEOPLE. "I think, sometimes, she get artists on her team because they want her to just stop crying."

"It's who she is, you know, and that has an effect on people," fellow coach Adam Levine added. "I get it. It's not a tactic of hers. It is who she is."

"Kelly is a crier because she has a big heart," Shelton said of the former American Idol winner. "Adam cries because he's a big baby."

"Kelly may come across as this female powerhouse, but she's a crier," Levine said earlier in the clip. "She wears her heart on her sleeve and she cares."

Voice coach Alicia Keys said Clarkson is "genuine, she's honest, she's completely in her emotions and her feelings."

Indeed, Clarkson cried during Monday's episode of The Voice. She cried while Nashville singer Stephanie Skipper belted out a powerful cover of Clarkson's own 2015 song "Piece by Piece." Levine and Shelton turned their chairs around, and Skipper chose Levine. While Clarkson got emotional during the performance, she never turned her chair around so Skipper could not join her team.

"I'm so sad," Clarkson said after Skipper's performance. "I know this is embarrassing. I'm crying. I'm so mad I didn't turn. The fact that you picked that song, it was cool. I'm so sorry."

Clarkson defended her decision, saying she was "looking for something different" to add to her team. "That's the only reason I didn't turn for Stephanie."

During the broadcast, Clarkson tweeted, "I'm so thankful to Stephanie for singing that song. Still crying."


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