'The View': Joy Behar Scolds Whoopi Goldberg in Sly Dig

There was some internal tension on The View this week when the other co-hosts accused Whoopi Goldberg of "checking out" in the middle of a conversation. The disagreement came during a segment about personal finance, and Joy Behar believed that Goldberg was trying to play to the audience by pretending to be bored by the discussion. Viewers suggested that it had more to do with her relationship status.

The View tackled the sometimes sensitive topic of finances in a relationship this week, and many of the co-hosts talked from firsthand experience. Sarah Haines revealed that she and her husband simply have separate bank accounts to avoid fighting about money, while Sunny Hostin grumbled about handling too many of the recurring bills. Goldberg was visibly bored by these comparisons, just as she seemed bored by the set-up of the segment itself. When the audience took notice, they laughed at her zoned-out expression.

"Right Whoopi?" Hostin said, trying to draw Goldberg back into the conversation. Behar quipped: "Whoopi checked out an hour ago."However, when she was called on Goldberg did dispense her most sage advice.

"If you're married, you should always have some money that's yours," Goldberg said when she was finally asked to weigh in. "Because you don't need to explain when you earn, why you're buying this."

Goldberg is infamously single now, and she has said she intends to stay that way. Over her long career, the comedian has been married three times and has been in several high-profile relationships besides. She was married to Alvin Martin from 1973 to 1978, then to cinematographer David Claessen from 1986 to 1988. Finally, Goldberg married union organizer Lyle Trachtenberg in 1994 but divorced in 1995.

Goldberg has been asked about the possibility of a new romance several times over the last three decades, but she has been blunt about her position. In 2010, she told The San Francisco Chronicle: "Some people are not meant to be married and I am not meant to. I'm sure it is wonderful for lots of people."

More famously, Goldberg went viral in 2016 for a blurb from her interview with The Cut. The headline read: "Whoop Goldberg's thoughts on marriage: 'I don't want somebody in my house.'" Fans went wild for this honesty, and screenshots of this header still circulate often as a meme on social media. Fans can hear more of Goldberg's musings on The View at 11 a.m. ET on weekdays on ABC.