'The Vet Life' Returns With Challenging Cases and Difficult Patients in Exclusive Clip Ahead of New Season

The Vet Life is back with brand new adventures and some seriously stubborn patients! As best friends and veterinarians Dr. Diarra Blue, Dr. Aubrey Ross and Dr. Michael Lavigne return for Season 4 of the hit Animal Planet show, PopCulture.com has an exclusive sneak peek of one of the more challenging checkups coming up in the premiere when Cheyenne the horse decides she's had enough of Dr. Blue's examination.

After getting the call to check Cheyenne after the horse is failing to keep weight on, despite normal eating, Dr. Blue and Dr. Ross quickly run through the possible diagnoses in their heads while running several tests on the animal.

"If you have a horse that's not gaining weight, you gotta worry about intestinal parasites," Dr. Ross explained. "You gotta worry about dental disease. You gotta worry about cancer, or it could be equine infectious anemia ... if she has that, that's not good news."

As the vets are trying to get a good look at what is causing Cheyenne such problems, the horse decides she's done cooperating, moving quickly and forcefully to try and free herself in a dangerous temper tantrum.

"So is she a little temperamental or is it just one of those days?" Dr. Blue asks her owner as everyone takes a step back to attempt to calm herself down.

"It's just one of those days. Normally she's fine," her owner confirms. "She's always been a really good girl."

It's this kind of situation that will push the vets to their limits of creativity, compassion and patience as they carry out their mission to help the animals of Texas.

There's much more to come this season as well, including an urgent surgery on a giant lizard, helping a pug mix use his nose after clearing his airway, emergency surgery on a chihuahua mix who struggles to breathe during a routine checkup and more.

Viewers will also get an inside look at the vets' friendship and family lives, as Dr. Lavigne and his wife struggle with empty-nest syndrome after moving their daughter into her own apartment while Dr. Blue and his wife bring home their first baby girl.

The Vet Life returns to Animal Planet with an all new season on Saturday, Jan. 11 at 10 p.m. ET.


Photo credit: Animal Planet