'The Masked Singer': Who Is Behind the Raven?

The Masked Singer has unmasked another secret celebrity performer! Actress and talk show host Ricki Lake was revealed to be hiding under the raven costume in this week's episode of FOX's zany hit show.

After 90210 actress Tori Spelling was unmasked as the Unicorn in last week's episode, Peacock, Monster, Bee and Raven took to the stage again to perform and offer new clues to the panel of judges—Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger. At the end of the night, Raven earned the lowest number of votes and was unmasked, to the judges' shock.

Bee, whom Thicke thought was surely Gladys Knight, performed her version of Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball." She also told judges that ever since she got the idea from her mom to join a group at her eighth birthday party, things had been "all peaches and marmalade ever since" for her. She also hinted that she had enjoyed singing other people's music, teasing, "like I'm every bee, it's all in me." For her "revealing item," the Bee showed the judges golden bakeware, explaining, "This is my second favorite thing to do."

Peacock, whom the judges guessed could be Neil Patrick Harris or Donny Osmond, explained that while in public he is recognizable as his 176-lb. self, in the Peacock costume he has true anonymity. He gave the judges several new hints, including a technicolor flag that the judges guessed could be a show of LGBT support and. His "revealing item" turned out to be a long brunette wig, that came with a cryptic message from Peacock: "Because of this wig, I was thrown in jail."

Raven, whom the judges guessed could be Raven Symone, performed "Brave" by Sara Bareilles, explaining that being on The Masked Singer, "I have a bird's eye view" of her life. She also revealed she is a mother, hinting, "My greatest joy is being a mother to my flock." For her "revealing item," she broke out an Emmy, strengthening the judges' guesses of her being a talk show host. "I place this where my flock can admire it," Raven hinted.

Monster was last to take the stage, performing, "American Woman" by Lenny Kravitz. The judges guessed he could be Tommy Davidson or Lil Rel after he hinted at a "deep wound," saying he has had his share of "dark days." For his "revealing item," he showed the judges a set of headphones, explaining, "I make my best calls on this headphone."

Which celebrities remain behind the masks? Let us know your best guess in the comments!


The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on FOX.

Photo credit: FOX