'The Masked Singer' Reveals Identity of Its Wildcard Bulldog in the Biggest Twist Yet

Wednesday's The Masked Singer concluded with a totally unexpected reveal. Group B — consisting of Chameleon, Piglet, Black Swan and Crab — returned to the stage to face off with the latest Wildcard performer, Bulldog. However, as always, one person was unmasked. Continue on to find out who (if you weren't already watching via FuboTV or another live service). Spoilers ahead!

Unfortunately, Bulldog was eliminated immediately, despite a promising rendition of "Candy Girl" by New Edition. When the mask came off, Bulldog was actually Nick Cannon. Surprise, surprise! That's right — Nick Cannon, the original host of The Masked Singer. Cannon has been off the show this season due to a COVID-19 diagnosis, but it seems he recovered and made his return in a way no one was expecting. (It also ruins those Cluedle-Doo theories.)

With the 40-year-old comic back in action, that sadly means Niecy Nash's time on the show is done. Cannon kindly dedicated his number to her and thanked her for stepping in for him. Will we see her again on Season 5? Who knows! But, it's at least goodbye for now.


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