'The Masked Singer': Is Cluedle-Doo Bruce Willis?

It's almost time for Cluedle-Doo to be unmasked during what is sure to be a wild Top 4 episode of The Masked Singer Wednesday evening. Not only will the secret celebrities hiding under Black Swan, Piglet, Chameleon and Yeti face off for the Golden Mask, panelists Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke will finally get the answer as to which big star has been taunting them from underneath the trickster Cluedle-Doo persona.

Fans haven't gotten many hints as to who Cluedle-Doo might be, but FOX producer Brian Strickland has assured fans that the celebrity is someone who has never appeared on the show in any way, ruling out popular guesses like Joel McHale, Craig Robinson and Wayne Brady, as all have appeared on the show as either a contestant or guest judge. The one clue we do have as to the rooster's identity came early on in the season: "I'm not just a roaster rooster who likes to cause chaos; I'm an undercover celebrity myself," Cluedle-Doo said. "I have a connection to another mischievous masked singer from the past, the Gremlin."

The Masked Singer fans will recall Gremlin was unmasked early on in Season 4 as Mickey Rourke, so it appears Cluedle-Doo is hinting at a connection there. Actor Bruce Willis' name has been thrown into the ring when it comes to possible guesses, and there is a little bit of evidence there that points his way. Not only did Willis co-star with Rourke in 2005's Sin City, the celebrity known for his love of pranks also has a familial connection with The Masked Singer. Willis' oldest daughter, Rumer Willis, competed on Season 1 of the FOX singing competition, coming in fifth place as the Lion before being unmasked.

Regular guest judge McHale played coy in a recent interview with PopCulture, saying when asked about Cluedle-Doo's identity, "I would like to say, [Cluedle-Doo's] the greatest singer in Masked Singer history. Let's go with that. Right?" He also slammed friend and Community co-star, Ken Jeong, for "never" getting any of the clues correct.


"I don't know how he remains on that show," McHale quipped. "Yeah, no, I cannot confirm or deny anything, but I will say, Ken Jeong, he needs to stop wearing all the satin letterman jackets because Grease called and would like their coats back." The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on FOX. You can watch the show live via FuboTV with a free trial, and if you miss the live shows, all episodes are available on Hulu the day after they air.

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